Embryo Production

Embryo transfer technology has been extensively utilized for bull production programmes. NDDB and Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala did the pioneering work in Embryo Transfer Technology. The first ET project ‘Cattle Herd Improvement for Increased Productivity Using Embryo Transfer Technology’ was established in 1987. The first buffalo calf from frozen thawed embryo was born in 1991. Till date, 12358 viable embryos have been produced and 776 male calves born using the technology.

ET technology was successfully employed to operate the Open Nucleus Breeding System (ONBS)- an alternative to the field based progeny testing of bulls. So far, the project has produced 420 genetically evaluated crossbred bulls.

Gir Cow with calves

Gir cow with its calves born through embryo transfer

Single Flush

Calves born through vitrified embryos from a single flush