India has a rich reservoir of diverse cattle and buffalo genetics. However the country needs to increase the productivity of the dairy animals. Genetic up gradation of animals through reproductive techniques like artificial insemination and embryo transfer is the need of the hour

Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala maintains a diverse germplasm (20 breeds of cattle and buffaloes) to cater to the artificial requirements of the dairy farming community. The organization sources its bulls either from its bull production unit or from the genetic programmes run in association with NDDB and other institutions.

High levels of productivity in dairy cattle in nations with advanced dairying have been achieved primarily through continuous use of genetically superior bulls produced through field programmes like Progeny Testing (PT) and Pedigree Selection (PS) programmes and by continually increasing the proportion of breedable animals under Artificial Insemination (AI) services.

To sustain and improve the productivity of the population, the prime need is to produce high genetic merit (HGM) quality bulls through progeny testing programmes and finally disseminate the semen doses produced from these bulls to the farmers.

Considering the huge requirement of HGM bulls, Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala has established a PT project under NDP I to produce HGM Crossbred HF as well as Murrah following the SOPs and Minimum Standards recommended by Government of India.

Till now, 178 buffalo bulls and 161 crossbred bulls have completed their test inseminations. The breeding values of 123 crossbred and 140 buffalo bulls have been estimated. There were 25 crossbred and 25 buffalo bulls under test during the year 2013-14

Elite Bull Mothers


Sahiwal Cow: S – 4392
Lactation yield : 6594Kg


Gir Cow G- 535
Lactation yield : 4791 Kg


Red sindhi Cow RD-25
Lactation yield : 4218 Kg


Murrah buffalo M-4052
Lactation yield : 5653 Kg


HF Crossbred Cow CB-3696
Lactation yield : 8670 Kg


Jersey Crossbred Cow CB-871
Lactation yield : 5551 Kg