Pedigree Selection (PS) Programmes

Production of HGM disease free bulls is a crucial first step for any scientifically planned breed improvement programme. In the native tract of most of the indigenous breeds AI infrastructure is not well developed, primarily because AI is not very popular among the farmer owners of these indigenous breeds. In absence of an elaborate AI infrastructure, it is not possible to implement a progeny testing programme. Therefore, Pedigree Selection is the preferred method for production of bulls of these breeds.



A PS project for production of HGM Gir and Jaffarabadi bulls was therefore established under NDP I in Amreli, Bhavnagar and Junagadh districts of Gujarat following the Standard Operating Procedures and Minimum Standards recommended by the Government of India.

Under the project the main aim is to produce genetically superior bulls. Additionally quality AI services will also be provided to popularize AI in the area.

The main objectives of the Project are:

  • To produce genetically superior quality Gir and Jaffarabadi bulls through a Pedigree Selection Program in the field
  • Improve the genetic potential of the Gir and Jaffarabadi breed for milk production in its native tract
  • Conserving and developing Gir and Jaffarabadi breed in its native breeding tract