PT Programmes

NDDB had launched a progeny testing programme for production of High Genetic Merit (HGM) Holstein Friesian (HF) crossbred and Murrah bulls to meet the requirement of semen stations all over the country. Under the project, Gaushala was identified as the main implementing agency in collaboration with three milk unions of Gujarat.

Elite Bull Mothers in the PT Project


Cow: 340006461812
First lactation yield : 4560 Kg


Cow: 78677313
First lactation yield : 5675 Kg

Since 2012-13, the Gaushala runs the PT programme under the National Dairy Plan (NDP I) with support of three Milk unions of Gujarat.

Till date, the breeding value of 123 crossbred HF bulls and 140 Murrah bulls have been estimated.

Breeding Value Table of HF CB Bulls


Breeding Value Table of Murrah Bulls